Market Summary

Metal Last CHG | %
Gold $1231.03 down $-1.48 -0.12%
Silver $17.213 up $0.020 0.12%
Platinum $1250.00 down $-6.50 -0.52%
Palladium $780.50 down $-0.50 -0.06%
Last Updated: 10/24/14 3:59:53 PM CDT
  • Bullish Silver Stealth Buying - October 24, 2014 - Battered silver remains deeply out of favor, recently plumbing miserable new lows after drifting sideways for most of 2014. This metal's relentless and oppressive weakness continues to break the wills of long-suffering contrarians. Read More... more >
  • Gold rebounds, but gold miners struggle - October 24, 2014 - The mining stocks are essentially back to their lows and silver hasn’t fared much better. The recent stark underperformance of silver and the mining stocks especially is a warning sign of further downside. more >

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